Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Review

Selling on Amazon Without A Product Search Tool Like Jungle Scout Is Like Driving At Night With No Lights… It Can Be Done, But We Would Not Recommend it!

 Jungle Scout Product Overview –

Web App

Find new product ideas by quickly filtering the Amazon product catalogue.

Amazon Research Powerhouse:

  1. Filter hundreds and thousands of products in seconds, based on relevant factors for sellers such as – category, sales price, monthly estimated sales figures, product reviews, product weight & size and more.

2. Allows you to track products you like, showing you all your competitor’s numbers with the click of a mouse. Gives you the answers in minutes not days!

Chrome Extension & Web App

With the Chrome Extension your research becomes real-time, instantaneous. The secret to success on Amazon is only to invest in products that you can make a profit on. The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and web app arms you with this information.

Jungle Scout for Amazon Sellers

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Junglescout is quick and easy to use and gives you tons of information at your fingertips. You can find products to sell on Amazon without advanced Amazon seller tools, but there is no question that with Jungle Scout the process will be so much easier. Information properly applied gives you tremendous power, and Junglescout gives you lots of relevant product information.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension!

Learn How to Make Product Research Easy!


Ease of Finding Profitable Products

Find your perfect product niche idea in 1 click by filtering the largest Amazon global product database.

Competition Tracking

Know your competition’s business, with a few clicks of your mouse.

Mining for Gold – Low Competition Opportunities

Find the small groups of products that earn the lion’s share of the profits.

Top Notch Customer Support & Money Back Guarantee

Junglescout offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you plenty of time to decide if the software is a good fit for you, or not.  Click here to check out the Jungle Scout Seller Software Product Research Tool.



  1. Estimated Numbers – for all the fanfare, the numbers posted by Jungle Scout in terms of sales numbers, profits and margins are “estimates.” To the best of our knowledge, this is the same for all Amazon product research tools, and while it will give you a good indication, it is sensible to see if there are additional metrics you can check to further validate the information presented by JungleScout.
  2. It Can Be Expensive – of course, you can start with the Web App only for a one-off fee, but if you choose to go for the whole package as most professional sellers would, then it can be a little expensive. However, with that said, although expensive we do say it represents tremendous value for money and literally could be the difference between a successful Amazon Seller Account, and a closed Amazon Seller Account.



Selling on Amazon is a business that requires precision, where you must know your numbers, and for us doing business without a product research tool like Jungle Scout is just too risky. For us, Jungle Scout is a must buy!

Jungle Scout Seller Tools Marketplaces:

USA – Mexico – Canada – UK – Germany – France – Spain – Italy – India

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Learn How to Make Product Research Easy!