Manage By Stats Review

Manage By Stats Review

Manage By Stats Review

MBS – Winner of the Amazon Seller Software of the Year Award at Amazing Selling Machine 2016.

Manage By Stats is an Amazon Seller Account management platform that provides information, and analytics that is poorly delivered by Amazon or other platforms. The software plugs into your Amazon seller account stats and presents it to you in a way that is much more transparent and easy to understand. If you have multiple products, if you want to know your daily sales information in detail, Manage By Stats is the best program for you.

As a seller on Amazon, you need to know your numbers. MBS gives you that information, in a way that is really easy to digest, so that the decisions that you make can be based on real-time, accurate data.

If you want to analyse brands, product lines, SKUs and ASINs, if you want to know when to restock and how much, if you want to find your customer transaction information including emails, phone numbers and addresses and other key data we recommend the Manage By Stats 14 Day Free Trial.

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Feature 1

Easily view your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly information for default and custom date ranges in table or graph views.

Feature 2

Match sales and performance data to Amazon Payout periods, for seamless reconciliation and analysis of sales numbers.

Feature 3

Automatically, organise your products into brands and product lines, to easily see profitability of key products during different times of the year.

Introduction to the Manage By Stats Team

As successful Amazon sellers, the Manage By Stats team realised that there was a hole in market in terms of accessing well-organised sales and product information for Amazon sellers. The information that Amazon sellers as business owners needed to know was not very easily available, and so they decided to create a solution.

The benefits of using Manage By Stats for you as an Amazon Seller are –

Cloud-based software that can be accessed anywhere,

Works for most of the Amazon marketplaces including – USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, India, Spain and France

Delivers transparent and easy to read sales and inventory information,

Shows customer transaction information, including names, email, address and phone number, that can be exported,

Shows ad cost, cost of goods, profit margins, Amazon fees and all relevant key metrics,

Free 14 Day Trial – 100% access to Customer Support and all software features during TRIAL.